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“Along the way there is pathos, humor, tenderness, and passion. It is a journey... guided by four very talented and attractive young men”

“Newcomer Miles Yokom plays... both funny and endearing and give the character’s musicality very special meaning.”

“This light comedy is both entertaining and thought-provoking and ultimately most satisfying.


- J. Peter Bergman for the Berkshire Edge

07_Forever Plaid_600x600.png

Forever Plaid at the Mac-Haydn Theatre, Fall 2022

“The Plaids give us 90 minutes of vocal liquid gold. Smooth, silky, and joyful.”

Miles Yokom’s baritone continually rounds out the group’s sound throughout the show."


"His strong lead voice carries the group through 'Moments to Remember', 'Perfidia', and 'Catch a Falling Star' to name but a few."


- Bill Kellert for Nippertown

Production Photos

Forever Plaid

Photos Courtesy of Ann Kielbasa

Seussical the Musical

Photos Courtesy of Robert Stone


Photos Courtesy of Tom Charlesworth