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About Me

Hey everybody! My name is Miles, my pronouns are He/Him/His, and I am a performer specializing in Musical Theatre. I grew up in Oshkosh, WI and I'm currently based in NYC. I attended UW - Stevens Point for three years pursuing a BFA in Musical Theatre and Minor in Dance. What really shaped my journey as a young artist was my passion for telling a story and collaborating with others. My closest community was always in the theatre, and that has not changed since. Post-college I moved to NYC for roughly six months before the Covid-19 Pandemic changed my plans. I learned a lot about the business and myself in that time, but I learned even more in the time following. Since then I've made my way back to the city, and have found new interests in TV/Film and Voice Over, and look forward to exploring those realms as well!

My mom is from Guatemala, and my dad is of norther European descent, which has made discovering my identity in the world of theatre complicated. Telling stories authentically is so important, and that includes a diversity in identities and backgrounds, as well as true representation of lived experiences. I believe it's imperative to have conversations about identity, expression, colorism, accessibility, and equity.

In my free time I enjoy spending warm days outside, exploring new restaurants, cooking, and playing video games! If you're ever looking for somebody to watch your dogs or organize a shelf or two, I'm your man!

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